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Burt Beebe

Burt Beebe always had an interest in beehives and how bees create their honey and so he began beekeeping as a hobby in 2016. Being a culinary teacher at GST-BOCES it seemed like a doable adventure. It didn’t take long for him to have a larger vision of what he and his wife could accomplish with his “hobby”. What started out as a couple of bee hives began to grow until by 2024 it’s expanded to 4 bee yards, approximately 100 hives, and only a clear vision ahead.

The goal has been risen from just selling honey to other services:

  • Swarm removal. When honeybees decide to gather in the bush in your front yard and you’d rather them gather somewhere else, Burt can usually take care of that for you.

  • For those who would like to have their own beehive to take care of Burt has the woodenware and kits to purchase to help begin your adventure. Don’t worry, he will help you through the process.


Burt’s vision isn’t complete. The next step in the future of HoneyBeeMade will be the addition of tours to watch how bees make honey and to see the extraction process.

Burt Beebe at HoneyBeeMade

Free Delivery within 20 mi radius of Big Flats | 21–30 mile radius is $5 fee

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